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Animalia is an Australian children's television series based on the 1986 picture book of the same name by illustrator Graeme Base. The first episode premiered on Australian Network Ten on the 11th of November 2007 with a new one each week. The series continued on to make thirty-nine 24-minute episodes over two seasons. The show also aired on CBBC, ABC3, Kids CBC, PBS, PBS Kids Go!, and PBS Kids Channel

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Animalia tells the story of two human children, an artsy boy named Alex and a sassy girl named Zoe. They stumble into a library in the city and enter a strange portal which transports them to an animal-inhabited world; the secret Kingdom of Animalia.

Strange events have conspired within the Animalian civilization mainly stemming from The Core: a magical, monolithic gemstone which powers all of its citizens and keeps them from animalistic and sometimes weird behavior. The Core is constantly under the watchful eye of Animalia's leader Livingstone T. Lion who is worried about its state.

Alex and Zoe join forces with their new friends G'Bubu Gorilla and Iggy D'Iguana to save Animalia from certain doom. During their stay, they also meet Reenie Rhino the town's librarian, Elni and Erno an elephant couple who run the local eatery, teenager Allegra Alligator a loud-mouthed aspiring singer, and the devious Tyrannicus Tiger a con-artist who will take advantage of any opportunity.

Later in the series, a mysterious, but dangerous villain known as The Creeper is freed, begins to scheme a takeover of Animalia and wants to destroy the Core with extreme force.

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